Trish Stratus Shows Massive Muscles In Photo

WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus recently took to her Instagram account and posted  picture flexing her muscle.



Trish Stratus recently teamed up with Becky Lynch and Lita to defeat Damage CTRL on the inaugural night of WrestleMania 39 in Los Angeles, CA.

Meanwhile, during a recent appearance on the Know Mercy with Stephen A. Smith podcast, Becky Lynch shared her perspective on WWE’s growing female audience and women buying more merchandise compared to the male fanbase.

Becky Lynch on 40% of WWE’s audience being women:

“I think our female audience is 40% now? And I think you get that relatability. For example, the UFC, I prefer watching the women fight, because I’m a woman, so I can picture myself in that regard. It’s just … we’re all just people doing a sport. We’re all just telling stories. I think, gender aside, we do bring in a larger female audience because we show what [women are] capable [of]. But, in general, I think we’re at this stage, where, gender be damned, we’re just flowing with our stories and we’re just [WWE] Superstars.”

‘Big Time Becks’ also spoke about the female audience buying more merchandise. She said:

“Well, we like to shop a lot. So we spend a lot of money.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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