Trump Cheated On Melania With Two Women On Vacation

Karen is an ex-Playboy model who claims she had a ten-month affair with Trump back in 2006. She’s one of two women – the other being Stormy Daniels – who allegedly had a relationship with the married multi-millionaire prior to his successful 2016 election campaign.



She recently claimed that she and Trump embarked on a consensual affair, meeting five or more times a month. Their first outing together was to an event in Lake Tahoe in July 2006, where Stormy Daniels claims she had sex with Trump.

”I don’t know how he squeezed that in,” Karen comments, raising her perfectly arched eyebrows. ”If it happened, it must have been the day before I arrived, or the day after I left, because I thought I was with him all the time.”

She accompanied him to Trump golf courses in New Jersey and California and he showed her around his three-story penthouse in Trump Tower in Manhattan.

”As we passed staff in the building, I asked; ”aren’t you afraid they’re going to say something?’ And Trump said ”nah, they won’t say anything’.”

”It was just a tour – nothing happened, in there,’‘ she says. ”I was desperate to get out because I was in another woman’s house. I was uncomfortable.”

Throughout their alleged affair, Karen says she made her own travel arrangements. ”I paid for my flights and hotels, and he reimbursed me in cash,’‘ she explains. ‘‘It was so there wouldn’t be any paper trail, no proof.”

”I thought I was the only woman. He always talked about other girls – do you think that girl’s pretty or that girl’s pretty? But I didn’t think to ask if there actually were other women – usually it’s only one mistress at a time, right?’‘ she laughs.

Bishal Roy
Bishal Roy
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