Trump ‘Dangerously Attacks’ Law Clerk In Court

According to Mediaite, former President Donald Trump’s actions on Tuesday drew widespread criticism as he took to social media to post the name, photo, and link to a private Instagram account of a law clerk working for Judge Arthur Engoron, who is overseeing Trump’s civil fraud trial. This move was seen as a dangerous escalation of intimidation tactics.



In the deleted post on Truth Social, Trump shared a screenshot from an account called “Judicial Protest,” which identified the judge’s principal law clerk, Allison R. Greenfield, and featured an image of her standing with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. The post insinuated a connection between Greenfield and Schumer, despite the fact that Schumer is happily married.

Trump commented on the post, alleging, “Schumer’s girlfriend, Alison R. Greenfield, is running this case against me. How disgraceful! This case should be dismissed immediately!!” He included a link to Greenfield’s personal Instagram account, which she subsequently set to private.

Following this social media post, a screenshot of Trump’s comments was disseminated through his email network, titled “Truth from President Donald J. Trump.”

Critics have denounced Trump’s actions as highly inappropriate and dangerous. They argue that targeting private citizens who are not involved in public political roles with such intimidation tactics is unacceptable. Moreover, Trump’s comments about Senator Schumer’s alleged connection to Greenfield were factually incorrect, as Schumer is married.

Furthermore, it was inaccurate for Trump to suggest that Greenfield was “running this case” against him, as her role as a principal law clerk is primarily focused on researching and analyzing legal issues for the judge, providing personal and confidential assistance to the judge, and not overseeing cases.

Trump’s actions have raised concerns about his willingness to use his platform to target individuals who are not public figures and the potential consequences of such behavior, especially given the political polarization in the country.

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