Trump Daughter Blackmail Bombshell Revealed

During Donald Trump’s hush money trial on Monday, an unexpected mention of his daughter Tiffany Trump brought a new twist to the proceedings. Michael Cohen, Trump’s former attorney, testified about an apparent extortion attempt targeting Tiffany just weeks before the 2016 election. This revelation was used by defense attorney Todd Blanche to suggest that Cohen’s communications with Trump during that period could have been about various urgent matters, not solely the Stormy Daniels payoff.



Tiffany, who had maintained a lower public profile compared to her half-siblings Ivanka, Donald Jr., and Eric, was reportedly the victim of an extortion attempt in 2016. Cohen confirmed during cross-examination that he addressed this issue on October 25, 2016, and discussed it with David Pecker, the then-CEO of American Media, Tiffany Trump, and others. This timing was critical as it coincided with his conversations with Trump about the Daniels payment.

Blanche highlighted this to show that Cohen had multiple reasons to be in frequent contact with Trump during that time. He questioned Cohen about his busy schedule and whether the extortion attempt involving Tiffany was something he would update Trump about, to which Cohen responded that while he took care of it, it was not something he considered personally important enough to mention to Trump.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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