Trump Drops Sad Black Slavery Bombshell

Former President Donald Trump claimed that he has done more for Black people than President Abraham Lincoln in an interview with right-wing host Wayne Allen Root on The Root Reaction on Real America’s Voice. During the interview, Trump reiterated his frequent assertion that he has done more for the Black community than any president since Lincoln, citing his efforts in criminal justice reform, funding historically Black colleges and universities, and creating opportunity zones.



Trump said the African-American population is at its highest level of support for a Republican, although he believes it should be higher due to his achievements in these areas. He stated that he refrained from saying he had done more than Lincoln out of a sense of restraint, but believes he has gone beyond the impact of Lincoln.

Root supported Trump’s claims, pointing to Trump’s efforts to create the lowest Black unemployment rate in history and to promote prosperity for all Americans, regardless of race.

Trump’s claims have been the subject of debate and controversy, as many have questioned his administration’s impact on the Black community. Nonetheless, his assertions continue to be a point of discussion in political discourse.

DONALD TRUMP: Now, the African-American population is, we’re at the highest level anyone’s ever been at as a Republican.

It still should be much higher because of what I’ve done with criminal justice reform, with funding the Black colleges and universities, with all of the opportunity zones.

Nobody’s done more than I have. I say nobody’s done more since Abraham Lincoln. I actually wanted to go beyond Abraham Lincoln, but some people thought that wasn’t a good thing to do. So I left it at that. I said Abraham Lincoln.

WAYNE ALLEN ROOT: Back in 2015, I wrote a column for Fox News, and I said, Donald Trump will become the greatest president for Black Americans of any president ever. And I turned out to be right. And the answer isn’t just, criminal justice reform. It’s that you created the lowest Black unemployment in history, and you created prosperity for every American. You didn’t care if they’re Black. All Americans enjoyed and shared in the prosperity.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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