Trump Ex-Attorney Says Female Lawyer ‘Violated’ Rule

During proceedings related to the defamation case against former President Donald Trump, his attorney Alina Habba faced criticism and admonishment from Judge Lewis Kaplan. The judge denied a request from Habba for an adjournment so that Trump could attend his late mother-in-law’s funeral. When Habba continued speaking, despite the denial, Judge Kaplan sternly told her to sit down.



Discussing the events on CNN’s OutFront, Erin Burnett and guest Ty Cobb, a former attorney in Trump’s White House, commented on the courtroom dynamics. Cobb acknowledged the frustration with Trump but also highlighted the surprising actions of Trump’s lawyers during the proceedings, especially pointing to Habba’s conduct.

Burnett pointed out that Habba violated the rules multiple times and played a clip where she responded to the judge, saying, “I don’t like to be spoken to that way, your honor.” Cobb expressed amazement at Habba’s performance, describing it as a “minor league job” and emphasizing the judge’s patience with her.

After the court session, Trump referred to Judge Kaplan as “a nasty judge.” The events in the courtroom showcased the tensions and challenges during the defamation case, with legal professionals and observers reacting to the dynamics and conduct displayed by the attorneys involved.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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