Trump Female Lawyer Lashes Out At Female Fox Host

In a recent exchange on Fox News, Trump attorney Alina Habba responded strongly to Fox News legal analyst Andy McCarthy’s assessment of Donald Trump’s chances in an appeal against a significant fraud judgment. McCarthy expressed skepticism about the likelihood of a “clean win” for either side in Trump’s appeal, suggesting that while there might be material relief in terms of the dollar amount, other penalties might not be overturned.



During an episode of Fox News Channel’s The Story with Martha MacCallum, host Martha MacCallum raised McCarthy’s comments with Alina Habba. Habba, in turn, responded by inviting McCarthy to join the legal team if he believed he knew the case better than those who had worked on it for 11 weeks.

Martha MacCallum highlighted the political dynamics in New York and the perception that some Democrats were leaning towards Trump. She then read McCarthy’s comments from National Review, where he expressed doubts about a clean win for Trump in the appeal. McCarthy suggested that Trump might receive material relief in terms of the dollar amount, but other penalties might not be overturned, emphasizing their significance.

Alina Habba responded assertively, welcoming McCarthy to join the legal team if he thought he had a better understanding of the case than those who had been involved in the lengthy trial. Habba, who had been working on the case for three years, asserted that there were no facts supporting the decisions made, and she expected this to be evident in their appeal.

Martha MacCallum concluded the segment by expressing anticipation for the next developments in what she described as a complicated game of chess that had captured the attention of many.

Andy McCarthy responded to Habba’s remarks on Twitter, acknowledging the frustration that lawyers who invest their heart and soul into a case might feel when facing comments from the peanut gallery.

MARTHA MACCALLUM: I mean, it’s interesting we’re going to get into this later, but, that that, you know, the numbers in New York right now indicate that there are Democrats who are leaning towards Trump. I mean, he’s still 12 points behind the current president. But I think it’s interesting, given how perhaps, you know, the overreach of this, that maybe all people look at and try to figure out how this possibly makes sense. Andy McCarthy wrote this in National Review. Just a quick thought on this before I let you go, Eileen, if I may.

He said, “To my mind, it’s unlikely that Trump’s appeal will result in a clean win for either side. The realist in me is not banking on a sweeping appellate win for Trump. I anticipate that he will get material relief in terms of the dollar amount, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on the rest of the penalties. And those penalties matter a lot.” What do you say to that?

ALINA HABBA: I say that I welcome him to be part of the legal team if he thinks he knows the case better than the team that tried it for 11 weeks. I’ve been on this case for the better of three years. I can tell you right now, there are truly no facts that support any of these decisions. And that, again, I can say, will be made very clear in our appeal.

MARTHA MACCALLUM: Well, we look forward to seeing the next move in this very complicated game of chess that has a lot of people’s attention.

The exchange on Fox News highlighted the ongoing legal challenges faced by Donald Trump, with differing opinions on the potential outcomes of his appeal. It also showcased the intense scrutiny and commentary surrounding high-profile legal cases, especially those involving prominent political figures.

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