Trump Hating Actor Apologizes After Nazi Accusation

It has come to light that Comedian and anti-Trump troll Michael Rapaport recently admitted that mainstream media outlets lied when claiming that then-President Donald Trump called Nazi extremists “very fine people” in the aftermath of the Charlottesville protests.



Rapaport — whose film and television credits include Friends, Chappelle’s Show and My Name Is Earl — has become known in recent years for profanity-laced social media rants on various topics. He was very active with such videos during the Trump presidency, oftentimes referring to the former president as “d**kstain Donald” and a “dumb motherfu**er.”

During a recent appearance on the Patrick Bet-David podcast, however, Rapaport admitted that he is continuing to have a change of heart on the former president in the wake of the October 7 attacks in Israel.

“Because I will acknowledge that one thing about the Charlottesville that I ranted about. And I was wrong about the both sides thing,” Rapaport said.

“No, because he said the both sides, you know, there’s good people on both sides. And when you see the full quote, that wasn’t what he said,” he continued. “And you know, I ranted on him hard for that. Hard. There’s some video about it, whatever. I mean, I ranted hard because I was like, what are you talking about, man?”

Leftists and other Trump critics have repeatedly advanced the “very fine people” hoax, which was crafted during an impromptu press conference Trump delivered in the aftermath of the Charlottesville protests. During his remarks, then-President Trump repeatedly condemned extremists, stating that they need to be “condemned totally.”

He pointed out that there were some individuals who were present at the site solely to protest the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue, and they did not participate in any violent activities, nor were they associated with any extremist organizations. He also mentioned that there were left-wing activists present who engaged in acts of violence, which was well documented but not adequately covered by the mainstream media.

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