Trump Insults His Lawyers During Trial In SNL Video

The first Saturday Night Live show of 2024 hilariously tackled the legal troubles of former President Donald Trump, particularly focusing on the charges he faces for defaming E. Jean Carroll. The sketch began with Chloe Fineman portraying lawyer Alina Habba, holding a press conference at the U.S. District Court in Lower Manhattan. Habba, mocking the judicial process, criticized Judge Lewis Kaplan as “very unfair” and admitted to being new to lawyering, stating, “I am learning!”



James Austin Johnson then reprised his Trump impersonation, thanking Fineman for being “great on TV” but dubbing her the “worst lawyer” he’s ever had. Trump, surrounded by a team of lawyers, sarcastically praised them, remarking that they were the “bottom of the barrel” and highlighting that they were working without pay.

In a humorous take on the ongoing legal drama, Johnson-Trump mocked the courtroom proceedings, his primary rivals, and his overall campaign situation. Describing the scene as “Me yelling in courthouse lobbies, standing behind barricades like a Guatemalan family at JFK passenger pickup,” he portrayed the chaotic nature of his legal battles.

Trump, through Johnson’s impersonation, defended his cognitive stability amidst random digressions and bragged about winning the Iowa caucuses despite harsh weather conditions. The sketch captured Trump’s trademark bravado as he humorously expressed concern for his supporters waiting in the snow, saying, “Oh darling, I’m dying! I gotta do one last thing. I gotta vote for Trump. We just need them to stay alive until November. Stay alive until November. Just pull that lever and drop dead.”

The comedic portrayal concluded with Johnson-Trump speculating on the potential outcomes of 2024, humorously suggesting that it could be a year of him going to jail, becoming president, or even experiencing something akin to “The Purge.” The SNL sketch provided a satirical take on the unpredictable and entertaining nature of Trump’s legal and political journey.


Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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