Trump Jr. Drops Hunter Biden Hookers Bombshell

According to The Hill, Donald Trump Jr. expressed his reaction with enthusiasm, exclaiming “Wow!!!” In addition, he cast doubt on the credibility of the “poor addict sympathy card,” suggesting that it would be more believable if the individual in question, presumably someone associated with addiction, returned money that Trump Jr. implied was undeserved. He also asserted a skeptical view, stating that it’s unlikely such a return of money would ever occur.



A new indictment against Hunter Biden has been made public, revealing nine charges, including three felonies and six misdemeanors, related to tax evasion and other tax-related matters. The charges were approved by a grand jury empaneled by Special Counsel David Weiss, who faced criticism for being perceived as too lenient on Hunter Biden. This comes after a collapsed plea deal during the summer. Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, is expected to vigorously contest the charges, which could result in a maximum sentence of 17 years in prison if convicted.

The indictment sheds light on Hunter Biden’s alleged extravagant lifestyle, including expenditures on drugs, escorts, luxury hotels, rental properties, exotic cars, and more. It also mentions his failure to pay approximately $1.4 million in taxes on around $7 million in income, including a $1 million salary from Ukrainian energy company Burisma and a one-third cut of a $3 million payment purportedly meant to help a Romanian businessperson contest bribery charges.

While Hunter Biden’s trial could be embarrassing for both father and son, it differs significantly from the legal challenges faced by former President Donald Trump. Unlike Trump, Hunter Biden has never held or sought public office. The indictment does not mention or allude to President Biden, focusing solely on Hunter’s alleged offenses.

Despite the potential for political turbulence for President Biden, the GOP’s efforts to link him to serious wrongdoing have not found substantial evidence so far. The indictment does not provide ammunition for accusations against the president, leaving Republicans to search elsewhere for proof of “high crimes and misdemeanors” as they proceed with their impeachment inquiry.

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