Trump Jr. Leaks Biden Falling Asleep At Dinner Photo

Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter and commented on a post showing how Joe Biden showed more respect to a criminal than a funeral for many people dead, as he pointed to how Biden checks his watch while receiving the bodies of dead service members from his botched Afghan withdrawal.



Don’t forget to add checking his watch while receiving the bodies of dead service members from his botched afghan withdrawal!

President Joe Biden’s age has become a topic of concern among the American public, with a recent poll from the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research revealing that a significant majority of Americans, regardless of their political affiliation, feel that he is too old for a second term. While 77 percent of all respondents shared this sentiment, an even more striking 69 percent of Democrats also held this view.

The poll highlights a shared perception among the politically divided electorate that Biden’s age is a matter of concern. Despite their differing stances on many issues, a considerable portion of Americans seem united in their apprehension about an older candidate seeking another term in the highest office.

The survey delved further by asking respondents to provide word associations with Biden and former President Donald Trump. In these word associations, the perception of Biden’s age often surfaced, with terms like “slow” and “confused” being used to describe him. This underscores the significance that the public places on his age and cognitive abilities. Democrats, while generally approving of Biden’s performance, still mentioned his age prominently, often before descriptors like “president” or “leader.”

Interestingly, while Trump’s age was also a topic of discussion, it was not as central as Biden’s. Instead, respondents focused on descriptors like “corrupt,” “crooked,” and “liar” when thinking of Trump. The report suggests that Trump’s negatives are perceived as being more related to his character and actions rather than his age.

The AP-NORC survey went beyond posing questions and presenting choices. It also had a word association exercise, asking people to offer the first word or phrase that comes to mind at the mention of each man. …

In those visceral responses, 26% mentioned Biden’s age and an additional 15% used words such as “slow” or “confused.” One Republican thought of “potato.” Among Democrats, Biden’s age was mentioned upfront by 28%. They preferred such terms over “president,” “leader,” “strong” or “capable.” One who approves of his performance nevertheless called him “senile.”

Only 3% in the survey came up with “confused” as the first descriptor for Trump, and a mere 1% used “old” or the like. Instead, the top words were those like “corrupt” or “crooked” (15%), “bad” and other generally negative terms (11%), words such as “liar” and “dishonest” (8%), along with “good” and other generally positive comments (8%).

Eric Dezenhall, an expert in corporate scandal management and a former member of Ronald Reagan’s White House, noted that while Trump has his own set of negatives, they aren’t typically associated with age-related concerns. Instead, the public seems to view Trump’s behavior as consistent with his long-standing persona, regardless of his age.

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