Trump Panics After Memory Loss Over Obama

According to Mediaite, in the late-night hours, former President Donald Trump took to his Truth Social platform to unleash a series of rants, delving into topics ranging from his ongoing fraud trial to the recent GOP debate and his controversial gaffes. Trump’s virtual presence on Truth Social has become a notable aspect of his post-presidential activities, often marked by spirited text-based rants accompanied by an abundance of capitalized letters and exclamation points. Additionally, the former president occasionally supplements his written tirades with brief video rants filmed at his golf properties.



During the latest late-night session, Trump devoted a substantial portion of his online musings to a detailed rant about the GOP debate that took place earlier in the week. The diatribe concluded with a critical remark about Megyn Kelly, downplaying any suggestion that she might bother him, framing it as routine analysis of the debate—albeit slightly belated.

Another topic that Trump addressed in his nocturnal digital outpour was the series of recent gaffes that have sparked discussions about his mental acuity. The former president, known for mistakenly referring to Joe Biden as “Crooked Joe Biden” and confusing details like the current president, defended himself by claiming that such gaffes were intentional sarcastic jokes. Trump insisted that the media, often referred to as the “Fake News,” fully comprehends his use of sarcasm, which he portrayed as a perilous rhetorical device for him.

I never confused Crooked Joe Biden with Barack Obama, except in the form of a sarcastic joke, which the Fake News knows and fully understands. Sarcasm is a very dangerous thing for me to use!!!”

This explanation echoed a similar justification put forth by Fox News host Brian Kilmeade weeks earlier. However, Trump’s repetition of this defense in the quiet hours of the night, when there was no apparent external prompting, suggested a certain level of indifference to the ongoing discussions about his mental sharpness.

Before concluding his late-night online presence, Trump made one more post, this time celebrating what he labeled a “Great day in the Rigged Court.” He commended a financial expert’s performance and accused the Attorney General of being a “FRAUD.” This final missive hinted at a positive outcome in the legal proceedings he faced during the week, a sentiment he wished to convey to his audience.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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