Trump Posts Humiliating Joe Biden Beach Photo

Former President Donald Trump recently posted the following on Truth Social regarding Joe Biden.



President Biden was recently spotted soaking up the sun Saturday during a beach outing that came after a tough four-day workweek. The commander-in-chief caught some rays at the beach near his vacation home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

Biden sported blue swim trunks adorned with sea turtles and a white polo shirt as he sunk his toes in the sand alongside First Lady Jill Biden.

The President stuck his nose in a book as Jill admired the blue view, both seemingly unbothered by the frenzy awaiting them at the White House. The Bidens’ week kicked out with the Sunday discovery of cocaine in a cubby near the West Wing’s basement entrance, just steps away from the Situation Room.

The White House has not revealed who may have left the dime-sized bag of illicit white powder in the building, but press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said it was “irresponsible” to question whether it could have been left behind by first son Hunter Biden, an admitted past crack cocaine addict.

The entire First Family had been at Camp David in the two days before its discovery through the July 4 holiday.

Meanwhile, Biden has also been fielding backlash this week for his sprawling “Bidenomics” spending plans that are coming off the heels of a speech he gave in Chicago.

He sees the government as using the tax code in a more targeted fashion and fashioning other programs to foster investment in new technologies, create jobs and boost upward mobility all while fighting inflation.

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