Trump Rants About ‘The Black People’ Deciding To…

Former President Donald Trump shared his perspective on why Black people and Jewish people tend to vote for Democrats during an interview with right-wing host Wayne Allen Root on The Root Reaction on Real America’s Voice.



In the interview, Trump connected Jewish support for Democrats with that of Black voters, suggesting that both groups vote for Democrats “out of habit.” He specifically pointed to what he perceives as Democratic policies favoring Palestinians over Israel, implying that Jewish voters who support Democrats do not truly support Israel.

Trump expressed surprise and confusion at historically Jewish support for Democrats, stating that he cannot comprehend it. He and Root speculated that voting habits may play a significant role in this phenomenon.

Despite acknowledging an increase in support for Republicans among African Americans during his presidency, Trump believes that the level of support should be even higher due to his administration’s initiatives such as criminal justice reform, funding for Black colleges and universities, and opportunity zones.

Overall, Trump’s remarks reflect his belief that voting patterns among Black and Jewish communities are influenced by habit and Democratic policies regarding issues such as Israel.

DONALD TRUMP: They don’t want to talk about the attack of October 7th on Israel, because Biden is, is, no fan of Israel. Any Jewish person that votes for Biden does not love Israel. And frankly, should be spoken to.

How a Jewish person person can vote for Biden is — or a Democrat, because they are on the side, 100%, of the Palestinians, and he doesn’t know how to get out of it. He’s stuck. But he is — if you look at what he’s done — he is totally on the side of the Palestinians.

And frankly, it’s incredible that historically Jewish people vote for Democrats. To me, I cannot. And I know you’re Jewish, Wayne, and I know you vote for me, but I don’t understand it. And you probably don’t understand it either.

But, you know, it’s just an amazing thing. Maybe it’s just a bad habit when you vote for a Democrat, but I don’t know how anybody that’s Jewish could vote for a Democrat.

DONALD TRUMP: I think a lot of it’s habit, Wayne. A lot of it’s habit. I see you caught on to that when I said it initially in the program.

WAYNE ALLEN ROOT: Yep. It’s habit.

DONALD TRUMP: A lot of it’s habit.

WAYNE ALLEN ROOT: That’s all it is. And it’s changing!

DONALD TRUMP: Jewish people by habit just, they vote for the Democrats. And Black people, by habit, vote for the Democrats.


DONALD TRUMP: Now, the African American population is — we’re at the highest level anyone’s ever been at as a Republican. It’s still — should be much higher because of what I’ve done with criminal justice reform, with funding the Black colleges and universities, with all of the opportunity zones. Nobody’s done more than I have.

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