Trump Savagely Attacks Dead Republican Senator

According to Az Central, former President Donald Trump continues to harbor negative feelings toward the late Sen. John McCain, despite McCain’s death in 2018. In his recently published coffee-table book “Letters to Trump,” which is priced at $99, Trump includes a letter from McCain and complains about the length of the series of funerals and memorial services that took place after McCain’s death. Trump wrote that he “never warmed to him” and “never felt good about anybody having anything to do with John McCain and never will, even despite the fact that at their request, I gave him the world’s longest funeral, 11 days. Much like his wars, it never ended.”



McCain passed away on August 25, 2018, after being diagnosed with brain cancer. He was a six-term U.S. senator, the 2008 Republican presidential nominee, and a celebrated prisoner of war. Memorial services for McCain took place in Phoenix, Washington D.C., and at the Washington National Cathedral. McCain’s daughter, Meghan McCain, responded on Twitter to a clip of Newsmax host Greg Kelly reading the passage about her father from Trump’s book, saying that the 2024 presidential election will be decided by three swing states, including Arizona, where Trump lost in the past two elections.

Trump and McCain had one of the most legendary political feuds of the past decade, with their rivalry intensifying in 2015 after Trump mocked McCain’s prisoner-of-war record, saying he preferred “people that weren’t captured.” McCain withdrew his endorsement of Trump’s presidential bid after a 2005 recording surfaced that revealed Trump trivializing sexual assault, using vulgar terms about women, and making other misogynistic comments. Later, McCain famously gave the thumbs-down to and helped to block a Trump-backed push to roll back predecessor President Barack Obama’s signature Affordable Care Act.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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