Trump ‘Warned’ By Three Female Employees After…

It has been noted that three former Trump administration officials who vocally criticized the former president in the aftermath of the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol in a joint interview Sunday warned he would pose a danger to democracy if reelected to a second term via The Hill.



Former White House Communications Director Alyssa Farah Griffin, former White House deputy press secretary Sarah Matthews and former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson spoke to ABC News’s Jonathan Karl about their experiences cooperating with the Jan. 6 select committee and about their concerns for democracy.

“This is a fundamental election to continue to safeguard our institutions and our constitutional republic,” Hutchinson said. “But if we crumble as a nation, we’re setting an example that democracy is an experiment.”

“Fundamentally a second Trump term could mean the end of American democracy as we know it,” Griffin said, adding that the American public witnessed Trump trying to “steal a democratic election.”

“That just shows he’s willing to break every barrier to get into power and stay in power,” she added.

Matthews noted that Trump’s focus on returning to power has only heightened and his rhetoric has gotten “increasingly erratic,” pointing to his threats to undermine parts of the Constitution, weaponize the Justice Department and exact revenge on his political opponents.

“To this day he still doubles down on the fact that he thinks that the election was stolen and fraudulent,” Matthews said.

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