Trump’s Congressman Subpoenas Hunter Biden For…

According to Gate Pundit, representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Donald Trump’s good buddy, has once again criticized House Speaker Kevin McCarthy for what he perceives as eight months of inaction regarding investigations into Joe Biden and his family. Gaetz has called on McCarthy to sign a subpoena that Gaetz himself has drafted, targeting Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden.



The proposed subpoena, authored by Gaetz, would require Hunter Biden to testify under oath and produce various records, including documents related to his business dealings, communications with Joe Biden, and potentially information about secret global phone lines and email pseudonyms used by the former Vice President. The documents requested would span from January 2008 to the present.

Gaetz previously threatened to remove Speaker McCarthy from his position, citing non-compliance with agreements and a failure to hold the Bidens accountable. Gaetz accused McCarthy of advancing President Biden’s inflationary spending without addressing alleged wrongdoing by the Biden family. McCarthy had recently announced an impeachment inquiry, which Gaetz criticized as rushed and unconvincing.

In response to the lack of action, Gaetz took matters into his own hands by drafting the subpoena for Hunter Biden. He called on Speaker McCarthy to sign and support the subpoena, suggesting that millions of Americans are eager to see whether McCarthy is serious about pursuing investigations into the Biden family.

The issue of investigating Hunter Biden has garnered attention, with some questioning why he has not been called to testify, especially in comparison to other individuals who have been questioned by Congress. McCarthy has defended the delay by stating that it is not yet the “appropriate time” and that more evidence is needed.

The ongoing debate surrounding investigations into the Biden family underscores the political divisions and tensions in Congress, with Gaetz leading the charge in calling for more aggressive action on this front.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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