Tyson Fury Breaks Family Member’s Ribs In Video

It seems that the ongoing hype surrounding the much-anticipated fight between Tommy Fury and Jake Paul can be attributed, at least in part, to the actions of Tyson Fury, aka ‘The Gypsy King.’ The two social media personalities finally faced off in Saudi Arabia in February, with Fury emerging as the victor after a hard-fought battle.



The build-up to the fight had been marred by two prior cancellations, with the first scheduled for December 2021. This was due to Fury suffering from broken ribs, which many speculated was caused by his brother Tyson. In a video released by the brothers prior to the canceled fight, Tyson was shown dropping a heavy medicine ball on Tommy’s midsection, leading to speculation that this was the cause of his injury.

However, at the time, Tommy denied that the injury was related to the medicine ball incident. Now, with the weight of the world off his shoulders after his win against Paul, he has admitted that this was indeed the cause of his injury. In a recent YouTube video, he revealed that he was hit with the medicine ball by not only Tyson but also their father and others, and that it was a bit too hardcore for his liking.

The admission by Tommy Fury has shed further light on the behind-the-scenes drama leading up to the fight, and has added another layer to the ongoing rivalry between the Fury and Paul families. It remains to be seen whether this will lead to a future rematch between Tommy and Jake, or if the two will move on to other opponents.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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