Tyson Fury Caught Cheating With Gloves?

Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury are set to lock horns in a much-awaited trilogy boxing fight. The American’s team have reportedly taken issue with the gloves ‘The Gypsy King’ will be using. Renee Young New Hair Color Stuns WWE Fans



Tyson Fury in trouble with glove issues

As per a report from Michael Benson, Deontay Wilder and his team complained about his opponents’ choice of handwear after observing Tyson Fury’s gloves at the selection. However, a commission official has since stated that Fury’s choice of gloves are regulation and Wilder’s complaints will not make any difference.

The full report went as follows:

“Deontay Wilder and his team took issue with Tyson Fury’s gloves at the glove selection after the weigh-in last night. Commission official said, ‘Whatever Wilder says is not gonna change the fact these are approved, weighed, inspected gloves,’ and insisted he can wear same.”

Deontay Wilder’s issue with Tyson Fury’s gloves was on account of them having “little-to-no padding.” However Benson stated that Deontay Wilder is no longer concerned with them. He has instead stated that he will simply match Fury and wear gloves with very little padding as well.

The report stated the following:

“Deontay Wilder after resolving the Tyson Fury gloves selection issue: ‘I’m very happy with what’s going on with the gloves. Since they wanna have little-to-no padding, we’re gonna have the same. May the best man win.’ [78SPORTSTV].”

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