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Tyson Kidd Says Cesaro Is A World Champion, Summer Rae On Twitter Feud

– Tyson Kidd posted this on Twitter about his former tag team partner Cesaro:

– WWE is selling a Gobbledy Gooker T-shirt on for $24.99. You can see the shirt as well as the description of the short and the background of the character here:


In the autumn of 1990, World Wrestling Entertainment literally laid an egg. In the weeks leading up to that year’s Survivor Series, a giant shell began appearing at WWE events all across the country. What was inside this prehistoric-sized egg was a complete mystery to everyone in the WWE Universe, but speculation still ran rampant. Was it a famous World Champion waiting to make his WWE debut? Could it be the first grappling dinosaur in sports-entertainment history? All these questions were answered at Survivor Series on Nov. 22 when the egg finally cracked. With the trustworthy “Mean” Gene Okerlund standing by, the shell broken open and one of the most disappointing personas in WWE history made its first appearance. Known as The Gobbledy Gooker, this 6-foot turkey was greeted by a chorus of boos from the disappointed crowd of 16,000 fans in the Hartford Civic Center. Instead of a returning Superstar or a beautiful woman, the fans got a walking Thanksgiving dinner.

– Summer Rae has chimed in on the Twitter feud between Paige and Lana from Tuesday morning:

  • Tony Kumar

    Cesaro lacks only on mic skills but if the geniuses at creative would come up with a good character for him things would have changed by now for him.

  • Topcontenderpodcast

    I like Cesaro a lot. He is very very good in the ring. However, his promo skills are lacking to me. I agree with Vince concerning him, he is not able to move a crowd with his promo skills. Being a champion is not only about your wrestling skills, you have to be able to get a crowd behind you. For example, Rowdy Piper was never a world champion, but he has more following and fame than most guys that were world champions. That is because he could move a crowd.

  • Will Henderson

    it’s too bad WWE won’t put the belt on Cesaro, he deserves a world title reign for his hard work. if WWE don’t put the belt on him before his contract expires, then maybe Cesaro should leave WWE and go to New Japan and become the IWGP Heavyweight Champion.