UFC Pioneer Retires from Active MMA Competition

– Don Frye has effectively retired from MMA in order to focus on acting according to MMA Weekly. While his competitive urges are still strong Frye is tired of dealing with all the shady promoters.



“I’m pretty much quitting MMA. I’ve had enough of the (expletive). I’m done with it,” announced Frye. “The competitive urges still flow through me, but I’m tired of the (expletive) of the promoters.

“I’m tired of the (expletive) treatment, being lied to and tired of getting bounced checks from people. They can go pound sand as far as I’m concerned.”

Frye has been getting some good acting gigs as of late including the new AT&T commercial for the latest Blackberry as well as work on Miami Vice, and Public Enemies.

Frye was one of the pioneers of early MMA competing in the UFC and PRIDE, winning the UFC 8, Ultimate Ultimate 96 tournaments.

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