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The Undertaker makes first comments since Wrestlemania 33 loss

Following his second ever loss at Wrestlemania 33 last week to Roman Reigns, which is said to have been his retirement match, The Undertaker made his first public comments since he was last seen in Orlando. Country legend George Strait posted a video on his Twitter account which shows Taker discussing Strait’s music and its impact on his career:

You can check it out here:

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  • Keith Learmonth

    He’s only Mark if you’re a friend of his from before 1990, or family.

    Even the people in the locker room call him Undertaker, ‘Taker, or ‘Take’.

    It’s disrespectful to call him Mark.

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  • D2K

    He’s been the Undertaker since 1990. His name is not tied to the clothing he wore for crying out loud. Also, HE makes the determination of what he is referred to as. Not you or I.

    George Strait is a famous country music singer/actor that has been performing since 1975. Mark Calaway enjoys country music. Back in 2011 he used a Johnny Cash song ‘Ain’t No Grave’ for his entrance music.

  • Darrin Tyler

    His name is Mark. Why are you still calling him Undertaker after his retirement? Course technically he hasn’t been undertaker since 1999. And from 2000 to now he wore boxing gloves and was just Mark…..