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WWE wants you to believe Undertaker vs Roman Reigns is happening at SummerSlam

Undertaker vs Roman Reigns

According to Wrestling Observer, WWE wants to make the upcoming SummerSlam PPV ‘Huge’ and for doing so, they are reportedly planning a mega WrestleMania rematch for the show.

The Observer notes that the company is working to plant seeds for Roman Reigns vs. The Undertaker II for the biggest event of the summer. It’s not confirmed yet, but that’s what the company wants you to believe.

This is a huge and unexpected news as the majority of the WWE fans believes that after WrestleMania 33, Taker is finally done with wrestling and he will never return.

However, if the Dead Man does come back, it would be one of the biggest selling points for SummerSlam, though it will make his emotional farewell at WrestleMania 33 pointless.

We’d like to remind that this is just a speculation and unless WWE gives a clear hint about Taker’s return, this match is just a rumoured bout.


  • D2K

    Why can’t people just let this guy rest………………….peeeeeeeeeeeeeace?

  • EVH

    To be honest i never thought ‘Taker would be that type of wrestler that just didnt know when to call it a day. WM was the perfect send off, why even go through the whole spectacle only to come back, and for what, really? Unless he really doesnt want WM to define him and his career. If that were the case just pick the Great Balls of Fire PPV to call it a career.

  • CC

    If they did this match it would do nothing for either guy. If Taker loses, it would just tarnish his image, and make him look like that guy who can’t admit his time is up (Randy the Ram all over again). Also, if he lost the only thing they could gain from this is if they turn Reigns heel, as it would give him perfect heat. Keep him as a face and he is ruined.

    If Reigns loses, then his whole “big dog” gimmick is done, and just makes Taker look like he had an off night at Mania.

    Whatever the outcome. Taker still lost at Mania, and Reigns still gets booed whether he wins or loses.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Nobody is thinking Undertaker vs Roman Reigns 2. Undertaker hardly made it though the match he is done.

  • new reason

    I agree that they should put Finn Balor with Gallows and Anderson, but Roman Reigns should be put with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose: we want the Shield vs the Club!

  • Roman

    Two different brands. Plus that feud already happened with Styles not Balor.

  • Avirex

    They should put Roman Reigns with the Usos. And then put Finn Balor with Gallows and Anderson, so they can fued.

  • M

    Unless this leads to an actual definite Reigns heel turn, this would be absolutely pointless. Are they trying to find ways to make him even more hated than he already is?