Update on Mick Foley & WWE, WWE Kept Two Returns on RAW a Secret

– WWE did everything they could on Monday to keep the arrivals of CM Punk and Jim Ross a secret before their returns aired on TV. Both were kept away from just about everyone and both were sent to different hotels so people wouldn’t see them. Ross and Punk also were kept out of the building until it was time for their return.



RAW this week came down to a sixth and final script, none of which had the JR and Punk returns on it.

– Regarding Mick Foley and WWE, The Wrestling Observer reports that the two sides are talking and most expect some kind of deal to eventually be made.

Foley was asked today by a fan on Twitter if he would consider being a WWE guy again. Foley responded, “Sure, I would – I’m considering it right now.”

Foley also asked fans if they had heard any good wrestling rumors lately, possibly responding to reports that he was spotted at last night’s SmackDown tapings in Philadelphia. The Observer added that Foley was scheduled to be in Philadelphia last night but didn’t have it confirmed.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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