Update on Jeff Jarrett’s TNA Status, More on the TNA Announce Team Switch

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter



– TNA went ahead with the announcing team changes this month before they had actually planned to do so. The original plan was to let the Samoa Joe and Taz deal run its course with them turning on the Main Event Mafia, then have Taz join Mike Tenay on commentary. There was one plan in place for Don West to stay on commentary until Taz came out and did the old “nWo style bullying,” causing West to leave the announce table. West apparently had some input on what happened as he didn’t want to be humiliated on TV in his final appearance.

– The latest on Jeff Jarrett is that he is still with TNA and remains part-owner but is not expected to be doing anything on TV for a while and is not expected to be brought back to creative any time soon. Jarrett is working from home and working on TNA business projects such as making trips overseas to put together international TV deals and other things.

Dixie Carter told The Daytona Beach-Journal this week that Jarrett would be back “sooner than later” but didn’t say much more.

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