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Update On Rey Mysterio & Alberto El Patron Returning To WWE, Tag Team To Be Repackaged?

– At one point, there was talk of WWE bringing Rey Mysterio Jr., as well as Alberto El Patron back to the company. However, things have changed, (imagine that in WWE).

WWE is always looking to create the bilingual Hispanic star, but El Patron was the closest they ever came to pushing and creating one. Vince McMahon was said to be very high on El Patron before he was fired.

The reason that they won’t be returning to WWE is because they would not want to return on a full-time deal, but rather a reduced schedule (part-time deal).

– Currently, there is talk of repackaging the Los Matadores, but it’s not known as of this writing as to what they could be repackaged as.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • CC

    Yeah the whole proof thing was more aimed at the whole (imagine that in WWE) snide comment from Ravens, as if the rumours were 100% fact. I think the guy seems to forget he is supposed to remain unbiased when “reporting”.

  • TheFizPop

    Proof? PROOF?! These sites are about as ‘news/facts’ legitimate as charities orchestrating money, claiming to be everrrrr closerrrr to finding cures…

    ADR face turn was bad though, he was already liked as a heel, but we know Vinnie boy don’t like tween characters now

  • CC

    We have no proof that there was ever any truth to WWE wanting them back, and for all we know it is just made up stories by the dirt sheets or their supposed insiders (imagine that on the dirt sheets).

    As for Del Rio, was he really the closest they came? They may not have created the Rey Mysterio name, but Del Rio never got half as close to being over as Rey was at his peak. I was a big fan of Del Rio, but his babyface push flopped big style.