Update On Sean Waltman’s Claim That Justin Credible Is Missing

Sean Waltman claimed this afternoon on Twitter that former WWE star Justin Credible (real name Peter Polaco) is missing. He described the matter as a “life or death situation.”



In an update on the situation, Credible is at home in Connecticut with his family.

Waltman apologized and referred to the issue as “buls** rumors.”

“Sorr for the false alarm. Justin Credible is just fine & at home with his wife & kids. It was better to be safe than sorry. Bullshit rumors,” he wrote.

“The news that Justin Credible is OK & at home w/ wife & son isnt dirty enough for the dirt sheet webesites. when they thought he was f****d up, they had that news up quicker than fucking greased lightning. Come on people.”

Rumors regarding Credible began to circulate yesterday following concern over his appearance at a convention and independent event in Maryland.

source: PWInsider.com

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