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Update On WWE Doctor Chris Amann Suing CM Punk And Colt Cabana For Slander

The latest on WWE Doctor Chris Amann Libel/Slander lawsuit against Phil “CM Punk” Brooks and Colt Cabana, which is from comments Punk made during an appearance on Colt Cabana’s “Art of Wrestling” podcast last November about Amann’s treatment of Punk while in WWE, is that the lawyers for Colton and Brooks have filed a motion to throw the case out.

According to their lawyers, the case should be thrown out due to the claim in the case of Colton being that he was acting as a media member doing an interview, and in the case of Brooks, that he never specifically named the doctor who was mistreating him.

In the interview, Punk never named Amman, but rather referred him as “Doc,” without mentioning an actual name.

The judge ruled that the case would continue and ordered both sides to go into “discovery.”

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Kristopher Robinson

    See I personally think this is BS. Punk stating that he was getting mis diagnosed and ill treated, should be grounds for a lawsuit. If I posted on FB and said that Pepsi is horrible and how I have bad exp with it, I don’t see how they could sue bc of that. There’s always going to be 2 sides to the story and I personally think that this doctor is being a little bitch about this. That’s just my opinion though. One patient, who anybody can tell is a poor sport and a sore loser, isn’t going to cost this guy any money or patients, when he has no prior history of being a horrible or negligent doctor.

  • The Killswitch

    Right, but the doctor is (and has every right to be) worried about what kind of reputation this leaves him with. If you’re a potential patient, you’d want to do a little research on the person you’re placing your care with. If my doctor had a shady past, or has history of malpractice, I’d want to know. Likewise, if someone is accusing a doctor with malpractice, their reputation is damaged.

    What I was getting at is I’m not sure the average person would make the connection. But as popular as this story is getting, I’m sure it’s even more likely to happen.

  • CC

    My point really wasnt aimed at the average listener, it was the fact that if Amann or anyone connected to him heard the podcast or was later shown it, it would be obvious to him, and he would have every right to sue. Names not being mentioned are not an issue in cases like this.

  • CC

    Yeah I know, but if Amann knows he was the only one who treated him, as you say, its obvious.

  • The Killswitch

    How would the average listener know that, though? I certainly wouldn’t know the doctors by name if he never mentioned the man.

    However, to your point, you can indeed still be charged for slander if you can identify, without question, who the individual in question is.

  • JAckh45

    I believe they have multiple doctors/medics on hand, but Amann is the head.
    But I agree, seems like its obvious who they were talking about.

  • CC

    When you only have one doctor treating Punk in WWE, who else would he be referring to?
    He would not have to specifically name him for it to be considered as attacking that specific person.