Update on WWE Network Adding New Features, Harley Race Asked About Hogan as a Wrestler

– WWE Hall of Famer Harley Race recently appeared on In Your Head Wrestling Radio and was asked his thoughts on Hulk Hogan as a wrestler. Race replied:



“Well, no matter how you want to word it or how you want to say it, if you’re good enough to get to all the places that Hogan was at you’ve got to be way the hell above average…Hogan gets good and bad raps virtually on a daily basis, but the end product was he was who he was and he would not have gotten there were he incapable of handling the process of getting there and then handling it once after he was there.”

– WWE Network officials are still working on more social features to be rolled out in the future including being able to make suggestions for other viewers, the ability to rate shows, creating a list of your favorites and more.

Source: PWInsider

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