Updated Standings and Matches Left for TNA’s BFG Series

– Last night’s episode of Impact Wrestling saw Robbie E. defeat AJ Styles and Rob Van Dam to earn 7 points in the Bound For Glory Series. Mr. Anderson also defeated Bully Ray to earn 7 points.



During the Impact post-show, Jeremy Borash announced that Bully Ray beat AJ Styles in a match taped for Xplosion, earning another 7 points. The BFG Series is close to ending but here are the updated standings and remaining matches:

Matches Left:

* James Storm vs. RVD
* Bully Ray vs. RVD
* Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles
* Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Hardy
* Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy


1. James Storm
2. Samoa Joe
3. Rob Van Dam
3. Bully Ray
5. AJ Styles
6. Kurt Angle
7. Mr. Anderson
8. Jeff Hardy
9. Daniels
10. Magnus
11. Robbie E.
12. The Pope (injured)

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