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Video: CM Punk Segment from Last Night’s Episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live

  • Who cares

    I love that CM Punk did a skit with a 6 year old kid and not one troll on here has complained like they did if Cena had done it.

    Well if is good enough for John Cena……lol

  • RawisWar

    LOL the kids reaction to the second video (Part 2) at 1:30 when CM Punk came back was priceless

  • Center

    Kid was psychic. Maybe he’s one of the writers. Nice clip.

  • Steve

    Well, it’s official: WWE writers are 6-year-olds! I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!

  • CM Mark

    Damn it archie it’s not a belt!

  • kevbot

    naw donners i wanted to see that too. haha

  • donners

    i can’t have been the only one that wanted to see him gts the kid…..

  • Howe

    Actually, take back the extended “lmao” because its kinda sad that a 6 yr old just predicted the outcome for the WWE flagship show….before it aired. Cmon bookers! Be better! And I say that for the sake of Rey and predictability.

  • Howe

    I can’t believe the kid called this week’s Raw?! LMAOOOOOOO

  • JIR

    Punk is seriously priceless

  • Generic Troll

    Punk actually getting put on other media shows, Wow.. I’m impressed that WWE aren’t completely stupid.. The fact he wasn’t even on Raw’s intro video was disgusting..

  • david said so

    ‘john cena is poppy’ ‘this is not a belt i feel like im arguing with a 6 year old’ greatest line ever ill give you a title shot you come to chicago’

  • Scorpion Death Drop

    This kid has some cahoney’s lol and Punk is GOLD!

  • CenaSucks

    Wow even 6 year old can predict this shit these days.

  • cm punk mark

    lol that was clssic