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Video: Matt Hardy says he and Jeff have signed the ‘biggest contract in ROH history’

During last night’s (Sat. March 4, 2017) Ring of Honor (ROH) Manhattan Mayhem VI event, Broken Matt & Jeff “Brother Nero” Hardy hit the ring to challenge ROH Tag Team Champs The Young Bucks, Matt & Nick Jackson, to a title bout just after they had successfully defended their titles against Lio Rush & Jay White.

The Hardys would go on to win the ROH Tag Team Titles after a Twist Of Fate and Swanton Bomb:

After the bout Matt got on the mic and updated the pro wrestling universe on he and Jeff’s current Free Agent status:

“And now the greatest tag team in all of space and time are the Ring of Honor, the Honorable Ring, the ROH tag team champions of the world. Nero, you know a lot of people thought, whenever we left that dreadful TNA Many, many people speculated that we were going to sign a contract with the [mumble] MeekMahan. Now myself and the nefarious Nero, we exist on the plane known as the Honorable Ring. And the Bucks of Youth used to have the biggest contract in ROH history… until the Hardys signed a contract. And this is only the beginning! We will be on the 15th Anniversary show on pay-per-view Friday. We will be at the television tapings on Saturday. We will be in Lakeland on April 1st. And now the Hardys house their talents and their vessels where the greatest wrestling in the world resides… ROH!”

The Hardys are still set to take on The Young Bucks on Wrestlemania weekend at SuperCard of Honor. Perhaps the Hardys are just building up a small angle with the Bucks before they depart for WWE once again. What are your thoughts?


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  • Arnold Jackson

    Having a big “marquee” value is EXACTLY why you debut them on RAW. It’s all about creating viewers for the Network. RAW and SD are nothing but weekly infomercials for the network now. You bring these boys out for a view on RAW but if you want to see them work, you have to buy the network. That’s how it works now a days.

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    True, but we already know Kurt Angle will likely be showing up as the new GM, and I feel like the Hardys have bigger ‘marquee’ value than just Raw.

  • Arnold Jackson

    The night after Mania is when they always try to bring out a new big name. It could be the Hardys. Not holding my breath though.

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    I suppose ROH could just be a time-filler for the Hardys. We will see. If they show up anywhere, I believe it will be at Wrestemania, as opposed to Monday Night Raw.

  • MrDr3w

    Triple H has expressed interest in using the “Broken” gimmick and WWE’s lawyers would crush TNA’s lawyers if it came to that. Even watered down, I’m sure it could still be fun and entertaining.

    I also find it especially interesting how they said that they’d be doing shows up to April 1st, the day BEFORE Mania. Possible spoiler?

  • Shawn OB

    Ahh. Dont go to the wwe, they wont acknowledge the broken stuff, its a strong gimmick TNA utilized.

  • D2K

    Probably a better place to be character-wise for them. It’s good to see that wrestlers have viable options besides WWE. We need territories again.