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The View From Down Under : My New Favourite WWE Superstar

It’s good to be back, writing on Wrestling –Edge.

While I have been away from my computer, I haven’t been far away from viewing the WWE, and in my first “view from down under” I would like to discuss my nominees (and winner) to become my new favourite WWE superstar now that it looks like my current favourite Christian is on the verge of retiring from in ring competition.

My journey to replace Christian has not been an easy one, due to the fact like with all favourite things it is hard to let go. If you have been watching the WWE and professional wrestling for a long time (like myself) then your favourite wrestlers will eventually retire, get fired, move companies or get injured and not be able to wrestle anymore. Once this happens it is time to move onto a new favourite, sometimes there is one ready for you to follow, other times it takes a while to find ‘the one’. While we all have wrestlers that we like, and enjoy watching, there is always that 1 wrestler who we place above all others, the one wrestler who we wished was WWE champion, the one wrestler we secretly have a man crush on…..oops to much information.



The history of my favourites start with Junkyard Dog, King Kong Bundy, The Ultimate Warrior, Owen Hart, Mick Foley (Mankind / Cactus Jack), The Hurricane, Edge & Christian (as a tag team), and finally just Christian once the tag team broke up and they went their own paths. Now with Christian at best a part time wrestler it is time for me to move on. So let us look at the finalists to become my new number 1 WWE superstar:

Ultimate Warrior Hall of Fame

Honourable mention- needs to go to Drew McIntyre and 3MB. I had hope Drew would become ‘the chosen one, however this was not to be. I enjoyed watching 3MB, and wished they had one impressive run before they ended. With Drew now no longer with the WWE, he is therefore no longer in the running to be my new number 1

Heath Slater – I became a fan of Heat Slater during his legend battles leading up to RAW 1000 episode. I enjoyed his humour, his commitment to putting over these legends, and his understanding of his role in the company. As mentioned I enjoyed the antics of 3MB, and had high hopes when he won a couple of matches, but he now seems stuck in another ‘jobbing’ tag team, at least for a while longer. Due to his lack of TV and PPV time he just missed out.

The Miz – the heel  Miz, like most I did not enjoy ‘face’ Miz, his arrogance and attitude suits the heel role so much better, and his arrogant film star role suits him perfectly. From over protecting his face, the hiring of a stunt double, and returning to getting good heel heat rather than no response from the crowd at all, has placed The Miz in the final of my new favourite. It his lingering stench of his face run that has stopped him reaching the top of the podium.

Damien Sandow – I was one of the few people happy when and how he won his MITB brief case. However after losing his cash-in, Damien Sandow has become the comedy relief….the new  ‘Santino Marella’ of the WWE. The dressing up and jobbing has hurt his reputation he had slowly gained upon his debut. To his credit he has taken his role and delivered in every performance, including his current stunt double for the Miz role. Just like Heath Slater I am hoping that by paying his dues bigger things are ahead for him….Misses out on my top spot due to current jobber role.



Dean Ambrose – He was the Shield member upon their break –up who was supposed to fall down the WWE pecking order, Seth Rollins was the major heel, and Roman Reigns was the new pin-up poster boy. But what Dean has done through his intensity, his aggression, his…lunatic fringe personality, has many people (including myself) saying Dean Ambrose could be this era’s Stone Cold. A few more PPV stealing matches, will cement Dean as the WWE Universe new antihero.

Bo Dallas – I am a BO-LIEVER, and I laugh every time he comes to the ring, his goofy smile, promos, superstar interaction and  post-match antics have kept me entertained since his arrival. He needs a major and entertaining feud with an upper mid-card talent like Dolph Ziggler, Sheamus, or The Big Show to get him fully over.

And the winner is……

Seth Rollins – From the moment he hit Roman Reigns with that chair he has become my new number 1 WWE superstar. He has played the perfect wrestling heel, someone who is arrogant enough to believe their own hype, is overly aggressive when he has his opponents down, yet the first to run away when odds are not in his favour. Can work the crowd, is good on the mic, and best of all is great to watch in the ring. Seth needs to cash-in his MITB briefcase and win (unlike Damien Sandow), and hold and defend the title for a couple of months. He (along with his fellow Shield members) are the future of the WWE, and now is a great time to push his ascendance.

Seth Rollins

Hooroo and see you next week.


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