Vince McMahon Buying New Wrestling Company?

WWE never backs off from diversifying its product. Brett Lauderdale is best known as the promoter of Game Changer Wrestling has largely modeled his company after Extreme Championship Wrestling, but with a more modern approach. The promotion has become one of the largest independent groups in the United States and drawn the attention of WWE.



WWE might acquire GCW

Lauderdale also promotes a wrestling event that has very different rules than the average fan is used to. Bloodsport matches must end in a knockout or submission. There are no ropes or turnbuckles. The idea is to make a worked match look more legitimate.

Brett recently claimed on his podcast that WWE had a major interest in the Bloodsport brand. Lauderdale shared photos with Stephanie McMahon from WrestleMania weekend and was treated very well by the company. In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer talked about the potential for WWE to acquire or work with Bloodsport.

“Brett Lauderdale on his podcast said that the biggest wrestling company in the world has expressed interest in the Bloodsport brand. That’s interesting based on their being so public about being negative about the idea of promoting the term blood. In addition, WWE doesn’t exactly do shows like that, but I could see the idea of the library for Peacock as something offbeat they could use. He said there had been discussions. He also said that Stephanie McMahon invited him to WrestleMania on Sunday, put him in a suite and came by to say Hi and said a lot of nice things about GCW.”

WWE might plan to buy the company in the future. However, for now there is no word on whether WWE wants to buy the brand or simply showcase it on their streaming platforms.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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