Vince McMahon Caught Lying About Charlotte Flair

WWE Draft is set to take place this week and it seems the network partners reportedly know some of the “key” stars that they will get. Several new NXT call-ups, possibly even an entire stable is expected on the main roster. But, things could certainly change as WWE Chairman Vince McMahon likes to alter things. WWE Major Draft Debut Rumor Leaks



Vince McMahon changed plans about WWE Draft

Vince McMahon often alters his plans. His relationship with Fox has been “strained” in recent memory. During Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez brought up an interesting story. Fox was told about some people they would get on SmackDown, but then Vince McMahon had another idea and did not follow through with that promise when draft day came around.

He said:

“Before the Fox debut, before they were getting ready to do the draft, they actually aired Fox commercials with certain Superstars, I believe Charlotte might have been one of them, I forget the others, but the point is that Fox was sure they were getting certain talents, because they were told by WWE that they were getting them. Then Vince changed the plan and they did the draft and then they didn’t give it to them. So, don’t think that just because they told Fox and USA ‘this is who you’re gonna get in the draft’ and they can’t change it, think again!”

We will see how the drafts goes down this week on Friday Night SmackDown and Monday Night RAW, the next week.

Barry Russell
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