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Vince McMahon introduces “Wild Card” rule on Monday Night Raw

Vince McMahon Monday Night Raw

The Chairman opened tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw and was quickly interrupted by Roman Reigns. The Big Dog had stated he was returning to the Red Brand to handle “unfinished business”.

However, not long after he made his way to the ring, he was interrupted by Daniel Bryan, followed by WWE Champion Kofi Kingston. Bryan went after both Reigns and Kingston and claimed that the new champion didn’t deserve the shot he got at WrestleMania. As they continued to argue, a lightbulb went off in Vince McMahon’s head.

McMahon said that the WWE Universe should expect to see more Raw and SmackDown Live superstars appearing on both shows, as the Wild Card Rule was now in effect. Each week we’ll see six superstars (three from Raw, three from SmackDown) work both nights.

It’s unknown how this will play out in the months to come, and there are some questions that the WWE Universe want answered. As for if it’s a good idea, it depends on how you feel about the Brand Split itself.

What do you think about the Wild Card Rule? Let us know in the comments below.

  • gar216

    The brand split didn’t work before, and isn’t working now. Sorry.

  • mike

    Great idea. To improve Raw’s viewership, steal a bunch of people from
    the show that even fewer people are watching. Makes total sense…

  • CC

    I think every wrestler should now see that the success rate of NXT call ups is horrible, so anyone signing thinking they will be a huge deal has to either be so desperate to say they actually made it to WWE or are delusional.

    NXT should stop being seen as the developmental brand and be seen at least as the junior brand in WWE instead. Give it an extra hour a week and start broadcasting it on the network live. That at least would go some way to justifying vacuuming up so much indy talent.

  • Rinn13

    And yet you still have wrestling fans clamoring for WWE/NXT to sign everyone under the sun. This is precisely why I hope significant amount of talents DON’T sign with WWE. There are plenty of promotions out there that need talent, like Impact, ROH, now AEW, etc.

  • Nick Scott

    Roman, Kofi, DB, Lars and Elias = 3/4☑️

  • oppa

    After the deal he just struck for the XFL, it could be. Somehow, I don’t think people will be as happy with WWE as they think they will once he’s gone.

  • Keith Learmonth

    I’m not sure how to feel about this, honestly.

  • Killswitch

    Vince’s “epiphany” seems like it’s part of a storyline to relinquish control. I may be wrong, but it seems a bit odd the way he was acting tonight.

  • CC

    The stupidity of this is we already have a mass of main talent roster struggling to get any TV time, and now WWE are going to double up on six wrestlers appearances, meaning even less time for those guys..