Vince McMahon Is Unrecognizable Backstage At Raw

Vince McMahon reportedly was sporting a mustache backstage at WWE Raw.



Although Stephanie McMahon is no longer actively involved in WWE’s management team, she remains one of the most beloved personalities in the wrestling industry. During a recent episode of his podcast, Mick Foley revealed that Stephanie had once thought he didn’t like her in real life.

Stephanie and Mick have been friends since the Attitude Era and worked together as on-screen authority figures in 2016. Despite their great friendship, Stephanie had doubts about whether Foley appreciated her contributions to the industry.

Foley shared that he had pitched the stories for his children’s book, Tales from Wrescal Lane, which eventually got published upon his return to WWE in 2003. The book featured fun fictional incidents involving Stephanie and her father.

Upon learning about the book, Stephanie reached out to Foley to clear the air about their relationship behind the scenes. During the Foley is Pod episode, he shared what Stephanie said to him.

“It wouldn’t go on to be published for three more years because I had a falling out with the company, and when we mended fences, the first thing I asked Vince was, ‘Can we do that book now?’ So it came out three years later than it should have, and Stephanie sees it in 2001, and she calls me up, and she goes, ‘Honestly, I never thought you liked me.’ And I was like, ‘Why would you feel that?'”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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