Vince McMahon Offered AEW Star 10-Year Contract

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon had reportedly offered a 10-year contract to WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross, who is currently the color commentator in AEW.



Jim Ross opens up on Vince McMahon

Ross has had three spells working with WWE between 1993 and 2019. He is popular for his on-screen commentary but had major role in backstage as well.

He recently spoke on his Grilling JR podcast, about the 10-year deal that Mark Henry had also received after joining WWE in 1996. JR then revealed  that Vince rewarded him with his own lengthy contract at one stage of his career. WWE ‘Turn Down’ Buying Top Wrestling Company

JR said:

“He [Mark Henry] didn’t get huge money, he got good money,” Ross said. “But we didn’t know how long it was gonna take to get him ready, and so he got a 10-year deal. And I don’t think we’ve ever had… at one time I had a 10-year deal. A lot of people don’t even know that. Vince, one of his good days. He liked JR, so I got a little extra cheese on my whopper, so it’s all good. Greatest thing that ever happened to me is being able to work there [WWE] at that point in my career.”

Jim Ross is currently enjoying his time in AEW and had praised his current boss, AEW President Tony Khan on multiple occasions.

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