Vince McMahon Ran Into CM Punk And Said…

During an appearance on The MMA Hour, CM Punk didn’t hold back when discussing the allegations against former WWE CEO and Chairman Vince McMahon.



Punk also delved into the complex emotions surrounding his relationship with Chris Benoit, acknowledging their friendship while condemning Benoit’s actions without reservation. “Obviously, condemn him,” Punk stated unequivocally. Regarding McMahon, Punk admitted to initially lacking suspicion towards the accusations against Vince but conceded that, in hindsight, he could see McMahon being capable of such actions. “It’s disheartening; he destroyed his life while ruining others’,” Punk noted.

Reflecting on his only encounter with Vince McMahon at Titan Towers since their initial meeting, Punk humorously told Ariel Helwani, “I believe some issues arose.” He said he ran into Vince McMahon at a WWE gym, and Vince hugged him and said he was ‘glad to have him back’ in WWE.

He criticized the lack of positivity within the situation and, although not fully versed in all the allegations, found the text messages he came across indefensible.

Punk expressed astonishment at McMahon’s recklessness in leaving written evidence of his actions, describing it as “appalling.” He stressed the importance of focusing efforts on making reparations and rectifying the harm caused, highlighting the presence of victims in the situation. “I’m amazed at his lack of foresight, documenting things and creating a paper trail. It’s appalling. I think all efforts should be directed towards making reparations and amends—there are victims involved,” Punk concluded.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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