Vince McMahon Selling To Massive UFC Name?

The concept of WWE being for sale has been circulating considerably over the last few months. Why? No one knows for sure. WWE is supposedly the most lucrative it has ever been – even surpassing its late 1980’s, early 1990’s high, and it would seem that many casual observers of the business would like in on it. The sad reality is that if the WWE does end up on the auction block, it may or may not remain producing its current tone of content. Remember what happened when WCW attempted to find an outside-the-wrestling-business source to take over its ownership. That did not end well.

As per Twitter:



It would appear that WME Endeavor, whom I believed years ago would eventually pull the strings of WWE, might buy the company, who currently own UFC. If that happens, in my humble opinion, the wrestling wars will be over. WME are notorious for nefarious activity within the world of Hollywood. Ari, head of WME knows nothing about the professional wrestling industry – therefore, it’s logical to assume the company will be diluted into a far cry from its former glory days. AEW will be in the frontrunner spot as leader of professional wrestling. 



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