Vince McMahon To Fire ‘Top Names’ In WWE?

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has been shaking things up in the management. With this, he has made some release of stars and also fired few of personnels working in the backstage. But the question is why Vince is making these firings in bulk?



Vince McMahon has changed Talent Relations department

The WWE Chairman has changed up the Talent Relations department recently. He is aiming to freshen things up in the management. As per the reports by Ringside News, the changes in Talent Relations was long time coming. Daniel Bryan ‘Leaving WWE’ On Surprising Date?

A WWE employee also revealed that John Laurinaitis is going to put his own team in this aspect and it is possibly a new team in the frame, with more top name firings possible by Vince.

 “Vince McMahon wants fresh eyes on the product and on management.” It seems that “most of the management are from a previous era.”

It has been also noted that “Vince wants new blood in the ranks.” Kevin Dunn is still in holding his position in the top but WWE has re-introduced Bruce Prichard and John Laurinaitis, who are experienced in this field and has been working in the backstage role.

It is to be how the WWE shows improve in regards of the talents and the storylines.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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