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What The Miz was doing during WWE TLC as he was not booked

The Miz is a veteran in the WWE now and so being left off a big show is not enough to get under his skin, as it would have in the past. He spoke to The Sporting News, and explained what he was doing when the whole world was focused on WWE TLC. Him missing out was fine as he had a lot of holiday preparations to do.

“Oh, my wife has tons of plans. Let me tell you. I’ve already put up two trees. On Sunday, while they were having a TLC pay-per-view and having an amazing show, I was in my yard putting up reindeer. Yeah, reindeer in my yard. I felt like Clark Griswold. It’s insane how dedicated my wife is to make this the best Christmas she possibly can for my daughter’s first Christmas. We have the entire family coming down. We’re going to cook. I don’t know how to cook but I’m gonna learn how and it’s gonna be a blast.”

As the storyline between him and Shane McMahon is slowly getting developed, The Miz will most certainly not be missing out on more pay-per-views for a while. We will have to wait and see how his storyline will progress further.