Will AEW be working with NJPW for their launch?

The Young Bucks officially announced the All Elite Wrestling promotion earlier this year after months of rumors, however even after the revelation, we have little detail on how the company will operate.



So far, there had been no news on if they have a TV deal in place or if the company will be working like other indie promotions and partner up with major indie companies.

Though Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer has provided some details on the situation and revealed that NJPW has decided to continue working ROH for immediate future.

According to him, NJPW is expected to continue their relationship with the Sinclair owned promotion for the foreseeable future and they don’t have any plans to work with AEW.

While Meltzer noted that AEW can work with NJPW somewhere down the line, with this revelation we know that these two companies do not have a working agreement at the point and they won’t be working together for the initial launch of All Elite Wrestling.

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