Will Smith Was Accused Of Actress Affair

Back when Will Smith and Margot Robbie costarred in the movie Focus, there were rumors that the two were having an affair. A picture that Robbie and Smith took that appeared to be a harmless joke amongst coworkers was the source of the rumors, which started to circulate after it was suggested that the two were having an affair.



Margot Robbie swiftly addressed the accusations on social media, dispelling any doubts about the actors’ love involvement—even though Will Smith was married to Jada Pinkett Smith at the time. But, as is common in Hollywood, the rumors continued even after Robbie publicly addressed them.

It has been noted that Will Smith and Margot Robbie have collaborated on multiple films together, First, the duo starred together in Focus, and then again in 2016’s Suicide Squad. There were several claims that the two skipped out on the wrap party for Focus to hang out together in Smith’s trailer.

This was further blown out of proportion when a photobooth image of the two was made public, one where Smith appeared shirtless and Robbie appeared revealing her lingerie.

Robbie even criticized the claims at the time on Twitter, according to ABC News, proving that the shoot was strictly platonic. But the speculations continued, and they even came up again when Suicide Squad opened in theaters in 2016 and the actors returned to their roles.

Neither Robbie nor Smith responded to these rumors this time, refusing to give them any legitimacy. It would, however, be revealed soon afterward that Jada Pinkett Smith had allegedly cheated on Will Smith.

The parties involved dismissed the reports about the two dates as idle conjecture, but it took some time for the media to get over the notion of the two dates.

Robbie, on the other hand, would get hitched to her husband in 2016, opening a production studio with him later down the line. Insiders have maintained despite multiple rumors that Will Smith and Margot Robbie were never romantically involved, and remain cordial with each other to this day.

The actors have not worked together since 2016’s Suicide Squad.
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