WWE & AEW Stars Real Fight At Bar Leaks

AEW star Matt Hardy recently discussed his friendship with WWE star MVP.   The focus of episode #44 of ‘The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy’ was former WWE United States and Tag Team Champion MVP.



Matt Hardy recalls a horrific incident with MVP

Matt was talking about their on-screen interactions and feud, he talked about the time when he and MVP were out together in Moline, Illinois. There was an individual at the establishment they were at who tried to start up a conversation with the two talents and when asked if they could be left alone, he pulled a knife on them.

Matt said he attempted to calm the individual down but that only caused him to swing the knife in Matt’s vicinity. MVP then grabbed a chair, turned it upside down, and beat said person with it. Both MVP and Matt were interviewed by the police and there were witnesses who vouched that it was a self-defense situation:”

“One story that I wanna tell real quick is there was a time when we [MVP & Matt] were traveling together and we had booked our hotels. We were in Moline, Illinois. So we drove to Moline, it was after a show, live event, whatever. We got there and they didn’t have our rooms and we had booked them, we had confirmed and they just said, ‘Well just give us a little while. We’ll get some rooms.’ Let it play out. ‘We’ll get these rooms’ and myself and MVP, being the guys we were, they said, ‘Look, we’re gonna take care of you. We’re sorry this happened. It was an accident but we’re gonna send you over to the restaurant and if you guys wanna have drinks, food, whatever, go crazy, do that’ and then we’re hanging out and there’s a lady who’s bartending. She’s taking care of us, whatever and there ends up being a point where we’re gonna sit on this patio and it’s almost like… you know these white, kind of thin, almost netted chairs. Lawn chairs, whatever.

They’re not super heavy but they’re pretty strong, they’re still chairs. So we’re sitting out there and there’s this weird guy that was hanging out in that restaurant the whole while and he came out and he was speaking to us and talking to us and I wanna say at one point, he asked, ‘Hey, could I have some money?’ Or could I do whatever and then he was harassing the lady who was the bartender who was bringing us food and drinks, whatever and then there came a point when we said, ‘Look man, we don’t have anything’ and you know, ‘Can you please leave us alone? We’re trying to enjoy ourselves’ and then that guy pulled out a knife on us, and then he took it towards me, he says, ‘You guys are WWE, right? What are you gonna do?…’ And like, ‘Whoa! Back up man. Let’s not do anything crazy’ and MVP said it gave him flashbacks.

He had a guy that he was with, it was one of his close friends that got stabbed in the neck and then he bled out and died and he said whenever this happened and I remember telling him, I said, ‘Look dude, we’re not here to fight. We’re here enjoying ourselves, we’re just waiting on the room to open up so just put that knife away.’ He said, ‘No! You gonna make me? You gonna make me?’ And he kind of puts it towards me a couple times. MVP took that chair and turned it upside down and he beat the f*ck out of that guy. He said, ‘Nobody f*cking does that to my patna!’ And that’s like a thing we would hit with one another. You know, we call each other ‘patna’.

Possibly [saved my life]. I don’t think this guy was gonna do anything. I was trying to just talk him off a ledge, like chill the f*ck out and MVP, you know, he saw red and he smashed that guy with a chair and then I remember obviously, the police were called at the time. I remember he took the knife and he grabbed that guy and he took the knife and put it up that guy’s nose and I said, ‘Whoa partner! No, no, no. We don’t need to do all of that.’ I talked him back from that and ended up taking the knife and threw it down the drain out there and the cops came and we had to do an interview with those guys and — it was [self-defense]. That guy was all f*cked up. They took him to the hospital in an ambulance after he beat the sh*t out of him with that chair and then we had to go out, they put his flashlight down and he saw the knife and there was witnesses about what happened. They saw the guy pull the knife out, he’s acting like he was going to stab me or whatever but man, he beat the f*ck out of him with the chair but that was a very good example of the camaraderie that we shared. He’s a good uce… That was a great example to kind of describe our relationship outside the ring too. We definitely had each other’s back in that era so that was a wild, fun story in Moline, Illinois.”

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