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WWE apparently plans on going against AEW

WWE is the largest wrestling company in the world and that will most likely will not change anytime soon. However, with the inception of AEW and its surge in popularity as of late, owing to its well-received events, fans are of the opinion that WWE might finally have proper competition.

According to a report by Sean Ross Sapp, he was told that WWE plans on going against AEW. WWE airing the EVOLVE 10th Anniversary special on the same day as AEW Fight For The Fallen might have been intentional. This is certainly an interesting move on WWE’s part as this means they might be seeing AEW as competition as well.

Based on what I’ve heard WWE directly told several on a need to know basis they were planning to go against AEW

The very landscape of professional wrestling might be changed forever when AEW debuts on TNT. The wrestling world waits with bated breath to see how this pans out.

  • Kwiz26

    Your reputation of refusing to admit you are ever in error precedes you. This isn’t worth arguing over. I made some observations and I stand by them. I gave up debating over issues because it made me look like a pretentious douche who was fueled by a tilted ego. Go ahead, say whatever you need to say to make yourself feel tough. I’m out.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    This will be a good thing, as long as the WWE makes this about wrestling and doesnt go at it like WCW did. No cheap shots or anything like that. Keep the competition in the ring and keep it about better wrestling and storylines. Hopefully this makes both companies better.

  • CC

    No I did not miss the point. I was just pointing out that the reasons you mentioned have nothing to do with this situation.

    Did they air Evolve due to the timing? Possibly, but the show was not booked because of AEW as it predated it.

    The context I pointed out was that factually you were incorrect, especially with the Jericho unscripted promo that came AFTER the Owens one. So how is that anything to do with WWE copying AEW?

    There are many ways that WWE will counter AEW, I just do not think the points you brought up have anything to do with it.

    Its like all the people saying Smackville is countering All out, when the show takes place a month before the AEW PPV. How is broadcasting this house on the network going to affect AEW in any way shape or form?

    We all know WWE is petty as hell, but when they do it it is so damn obvious that it hurts.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Directly to Billy Gunn’s face, while he was there to defend the company against that. It was, very clearly, a joke. It’s not like WWE could fire Billy Gunn for saying “Hey, screw you, HHH, it’s a good company”.

  • Kwiz26

    Usually you are deadly accurate, but this went over your head because you ignored the specific context of each point. As well, you have missed the overall context.

  • CC

    1: They have done plenty of apron bumps, and one of the complaints by many of Fight for the fallen was how many apron bumps there were. Too much of something diminishes its shock factor.
    2: WWE are also due a huge change due to the Fox deal so of course a lot of change is gonna come. Even before AEW was announced all reports suggested Fox want a grittier sports based product rather than soap opera.
    3: Kevin Owens promo was on 9th July. Jericho’s promo was on 13th July, so how is that WWE copying AEW?
    4: WWE started broadcasting house shows last year in Saudi and followed with Australia. Evolve was booked way before Fight for the fallen was even a thing. Smackville is weeks before the next AEW PPV, so how is that got anything to do with AEW?

  • Killswitch

    Technically, Triple H DID call them a “piss-ant company” at the Hall of Fame, before their first PPV took place.

  • CC

    Evolves 10th anniversary show was planned way before Fight for the fallen was even a thing. The only thing WWE may be guilty of is deciding to air it on the network when it was not originally planned, but the fact that the show was on that day has absolutely nothing to do with AEW having an event that day and you might as well accuse AEW of trying to sabotage the Evolve show by booking it the same date.

  • Kwiz26

    Of course WWE is going against all competition. I mean look at the evidence:

    I.) Outside companies use the bump onto the apron. WWE employed this.
    2.) AEW is offering an edgier and grittier product. WWE attempts to replicate by changing elements of the broadcast during the third hour. Also, the hiring of Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff as Executive Directors of RAW and Smackdown.
    3.) A week ago, Chris Jericho states he cut his first off-script promo in 28 years. Now Kevin Owens is given the same luxury.
    4.) WWE is broadcasting house shows on the WWE Network in the same summer as AEW offers their’s

    I may be wrong on one or more of these items, but it seems awful suspect. It’s not that Vince McMahon is legitimately scared of AEW, he is an elitist, so it becomes “whatever you can do I can do better.” Classic measuring contest.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Of course, if you look into it more, they see AEW as competition.

    For NXT. The Developmental territory.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Cody wanted a war.
    Cody fired shots on the very first PPV.

    Now they’re allegedly getting their war, they’d better make the most of it.

  • StoneColdBeckyLynch

    “AEW is not competition”

  • oppa

    Tuesdays and Thursdays are NBA nights on TNT, so they have to be on Wednesday nights. If it’s true that NXT will be moving off of the network and going to FS1, they may air it on Wednesday nights also. With all of the increases in salary and things being done to keep people in the WWE family, WWE clearly sees an issue with AEW that is interesting. Hopefully AEW keeps focused on themselves and making the best product they can.