WWE Bring Back Star They Fired Twice

WWE have rehired Drake Maverick as a WWE Raw creative team member, PWInsider.com reports. Maverick was fired by WWE in 2020 and 2021, releasing a viral video in 2020 that got him rehired the first time.



Maverick got to work with another Maverick on Raw on Monday, Logan Paul, who has an interesting romantic past. Corinna Kopf is a popular YouTuber and OnlyFans model who also dated fellow YouTube sensation Logan Paul in the past. In a recent interview on Paul’s ‘Impaulsive’ podcast, it was revealed how the two met and the surprising reason why they stopped talking – which is due to the fact that Kopf wanted the older Paul brother to get tested for STD’s and he would not. Wrestling-Edge transcribed the following remarks. Is Logan Paul ‘giving back’ Floyd Mayweather money?

Kopf: We met in the middle of the night

L. Paul: You know why that’s interesting though Corinna? Because prior to that, our only interaction was you condemning me because of Japan.

Kopf: Yeah, I think the reason for that was because I lost my brother to suicide, remember?

L. Paul: Oh I remember.

Kopf: So I was really upset about that situation and when we met we talked about it for four hours and I was like ‘this guy is great, I love him and forgive him for everything.’ Ever since then we’ve had a really great relationship.

L. Paul: Yeah, it’s been great. I have noticed though once that I had to call you out because we were hanging out for a bit. Obviously, you get to know the person you are with and you mentioned at the beginning of the podcast that you sometimes complain a lot. You do. Your Twitter handle is literally Poutygirl. Logan Paul recently dropped this Mike Tyson fight bombshell.

Kopf: Alright, i feel like one of the reasons that we stopped talking, and the internet probably believes something completely different but Logan and I actually didn’t have sex for a whole year until we knew each other. It was a one-year anniversary type of thing. Yet, the reason why was because originally I wanted Logan to get STD tested and he didn’t go.

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