WWE Capitol Punishment: Intercontinental Title Match

– Another backstage segment with R-Truth. He’s telling a photographer to go ahead and do the photos now because he will be tired after tonight’s title match. And that’s when my feed goes out and comes back to a WCW Nitro DVD commercial.



– Josh Matthews is backstage with WWE Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett. Barrett takes the mic and says he will handle this. Barrett starts walking to the ring from backstage and is talking about being in our nation’s Capitol and how we need a Queen. Barrett brings up the recent Weiner scandal, the US education system and the national debt. Barrett says in 20 years, everyone in this building will be speaking Chinese. Barrett says America looks good from the outside, but when you get closer you see it’s nothing but a hollow shell. Much like Ezekiel Jackson, he says. Barrett calls him pathetic. Barrett goes on and on before we get the bell.

WWE Intercontinental Title Match: Ezekiel Jackson vs. Wade Barrett

Barrett is formally introduced and gets boo’d. Ezekiel Jackson’s music hits next and out comes the challenger.

The bell rings and they lock up to USA chants. They go at it and break. Barrett comes back with right hands. Zeke goes for the torture rack but Barrett slides out and goes to the floor. Barrett comes back in and misses a clothesline. Zeke goes to work on him with rights in the corner and beats him down. Barrett dodges a splash in the corner but Zeke knocks him to the mat anyway for a 2 count.

Barrett with a big kick in the corner and a pin attempt. Zeke tries to fight back but Barrett catches him with a big sideslam for another 2 count. Barrett with a headlock now. Zeke fights out with elbows but Zeke stops him with a knee. A “We want Ryder” chant breaks out in the crowd. Barrett tries to roll-up Zeke and finally gets him down for a 2 count. Zeke runs into a big back kick from Barrett. Barrett with a pumphandle slam and another 2 count. Barrett with a bunch of kicks in the corner now and right hands. Barrett runs into an elbow from Zeke. Zeke comes back with clotheslines and splashes, knocking Barrett down. Zeke with a big running splash in the corner.

Barrett misses a splash in the corner now. Zeke fights back and goes for his series of bodyslams but Barrett counters. Barrett hits Zeke with Wasteland but Zeke kicks out at 2. Barrett tries a running kick but Zeke catches him. Zeke starts hitting the series of bodyslams and puts Barrett in the torture rack. Barrett taps out and Zeke wins the match.

Winner and New WWE Intercontinental Champion: Ezekiel Jackson

– After Zeke celebrates his victory, Jerry Lawler comes in the ring to ask him how it feels to win. Zeke says it’s awesome and the greatest accomplishment of his life. Zeke talks about domination and continues the celebration.

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