WWE Diva Drops Harvey Weinstein Bombshell

WWE Hall of Famer Madusa had been one of the top stars back in the day. During her tenure with the WWE, she held the WWF Championship three times. However, she is most known for her WCW debut, where she showed up on Nitro and threw her WWF Women’s Title in the trash on television.



Madusa talks about Harvey Weinstein

Almost 30 years later, Madusa never fails to grab the headlines for her controversial statements regarding the wrestling business. While promoting her upcoming book, “The Woman Who Would Be King: The MADUSA Story,” Madusa discussed the dark side of the wrestling business and even called it “Harvey Weinstein-ish.”

“Well, you know — not that some of these people don’t need to be brought to the forefront. Because this business was very Harvey Weinstein-ish, let’s put it that way. And they — I have watched these people get what they deserved in other ways. So I think that people that want to throw people under the bus in a book for five seconds of pleasure what, 30 years later, is very harmful when they have kids and families who are innocent to the situation.

Now, I say Harvey Weinstein-ish, you know. That bastard probably got what he had coming, right? And there was a lot of guys like that in this business, trust me. Guys that you know. And it’s just a matter of time, you know what I mean? I will take probably a lot of it to my grave. Because it’s just no one’s business at this point. I explain a lot in my book in somehow, some form. You guys — a lot of people, they’ll understand.”

Madusa continued to say that the business evolved with and so did the dark side of the business, with new terms being created so that it wasn’t so obvious. She also stated that this nature of the business is going to continue:

“I guess they found — with times, communications changed, and words changed. And I think they found more eloquent ways to communicate it, so it wasn’t so obvious? So back in the day, it used to be all casting couch bulls**t, right? You know, the old words and whatnot. I think people are very careful nowadays. It’s always gonna happen, it’s just always gonna happen. It’s always gonna be there somewhere, somehow. No matter how many AIs you have sitting around, or phones, or whatnot. It’s just — crap’s gonna happen. Did I see a big change? Of course, I saw an evolution of — or progressing to get better. Absolutely. And it’s a lot better now than it was, I will say.

When you have guys sh*tting in a woman’s food, and watching her eat it, it’s very — it’s just, it is disgusting. And let me tell you, this is what I’m saying. These men who did stuff like this are people’s idols today. It’s kind of like, when I say Harvey Weinstein-ish, people would be shocked. Because of everything that Harvey did for everybody, and all the stars he hung around with, and all the big names? It’d be shocking like that in wrestling. It would really disappoint a lot of you.”

Bishal Roy
Bishal Roy
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