WWE Diva Legit Beat Up Sasha Banks?

Zelina Vega made a triumphant return to the WWE last year. Her homecoming was a notable event, considering she had been released by the company in 2020 due to a violation of their policies regarding third-party websites. The violation in question was her decision to open an OnlyFans account, a move that did not align with the WWE’s guidelines at the time. However, Vega’s popularity and undeniable talent propelled her back into the limelight, showcasing her resilience and determination.



Now an integral part of the newly re-introduced Latino World Order and having gained the support of countless fans, Zelina Vega’s career received a significant boost after joining forces with the faction Legado Del Fantasma. However, even though she has garnered adoration from fans, Vega remains steadfast when it comes to protecting herself in the ring.

During an interview on the podcast Wrestling With Freddie, Zelina Vega reminisced about a time when she faced Mercedes Mone in a match. Mone executed a move called the Meteora, which inadvertently resulted in Vega experiencing an intense pain that made her fear for her orbital bone. While Mone expressed sincere apologies, Vega couldn’t let the incident go unnoticed. She decided to retaliate during the 2022 Royal Rumble, a highly anticipated event in the WWE calendar.

With a steely resolve and a desire for retribution, Vega unleashed a fierce kick upon Mone during their encounter in the Royal Rumble. The force of her strike sent Mone hurtling backward, landing on the arena floor. The impact was so powerful that Mone could do nothing but shake her head, acknowledging that she had received what was coming to her. It was a moment of redemption for Vega, a chance to deliver the payback she had been waiting for.

“There was a point back when Sasha had just come out to save Bianca from Carmella and I. She had hit me with the Meteora and dude, I felt like my orbital bone broke. I was like, oh my God. Of course, she was super apologetic and whatever, but then I was like, girl you got a receipt coming. I was so mad. She’s like, okay, cool, whatever. Royal Rumble happens and I knew I was gonna eliminate her and I was like, this is my moment. I think I kicked the soul out of her. I kicked her so hard. She flew back and she landed on the floor. I see her just shaking her head and I knew she knew that was what I was waiting for. Of course, we were fine afterwards and it was funny, but I remember Rhea going, ‘She was waiting for that one.’ Yep, that’s the one.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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